Criterion Theatre Seating Plan

The Criterion Theatre has 588 seats over three levels, the stalls, dress circle and upper circle. The stalls include rows A to S and are a maximum of twenty four seats wide. The dress circle contains rows A to G at a maximum of 27 seats wide and the upper circle includes rows A to C, the same maximum width as the dress circle.

There are 25 steps down from the foyer to the auditorium from where there are 51 steps down to the stalls, 32 down to the dress circle and 6 up to the upper level. Every level feels close enough to the stage to feel you’re part of the production, which is lovely, and the intimate nature of the space is a real pleasure.

There are pillars in the stalls and dress circle, which spoil the view, and many of the seats in the area are 'restricted view'. If you want to treat yourself to the best, choose seats 12-21 in the front row of the dress circle. The cheapest seats have restricted views but if a show isn’t too busy, you can often move to a better seat close by.